Install and Publish

Note: DapphubDB address not finalized, use caution until this notice is removed.


Dapple is capable of interacting with an on-chain package registry for installing and publishing packages. IPFS is used as a storage and data transfer layer. A dapple package is content addressed by an ipfs hash. The hash is stored along with the package name and semantic version on the ethereum chain. In order for this to work the user must have a working Ethereum and IPFS connection specified in his ~/.dapplerc.


The command to install a package from the registry is:

dapple install [--save] [options] [<package> <url-or-version>]

E.g. dapple install dappsys 0.1.0 --save

This will install dappsys package at version 1.0.0 from the registry which is deployed to morden chain and save this dependecy to the local dappfile, which is indicated by the --save flag.

All packages with are specified in the dependency section of the local dappfile can be installed with dapple install:

  dappsys: 0.1.0


To prevent pollution of the global namespace, publishing is currently restricted to a few trusted dapple developers who curate the registry. This is ensured by the authentication system provided by dappsys framework. The intent is to enable open publication as soon as some kind of arbitration or at least initial distribution scheme is invented. It is possible to update the system in-place, and there will be no need to redeploy the data store contract which dapple reads from.

The command dapple publish [options] will build the current package based on the specifications given in the local dappfile and publish it to the registry on the specified chain. For this a version tag and a name has to be specified in the local dappfile:

name: mypackage
version: 1.0.0